Why I’m betting on big human, not big data

What’s the future of marketing, technology, and business? There’s no question the world is evolving, rapidly changing. Demographics are shifting, paradigms altering. And everyone is trying to make sense of it all, create some sort of frame of reference (especially the business world). The globe is becoming more diverse, more multicultural, and the buying power as we speak is shifting to my generation, the #millennial.

This change of guard is not the first by any means, as we know it’s the only constant in the universe. However unlike the last major shifts in society (the baby boom, the great migration to name a few), this time we are blessed with beautiful, sophisticated convenience in the form of technology. It seems we have reached a tipping point however, technological inundation is afoot, and society is now experiencing a blow-back, or what seems to be — mitigation against our reliance on applications and appliances.

This can be interpreted by the gaining importance of “unplugging”, it can be seen in business with the birth of H2H (Human to Human), not to mention the heralded death of social media, ushering in the messaging era. This emphasis on the human experience can also be interpreted by the dwindling significance of IQ and the expansion of EQ (emotional intelligence). Let’s not forget relationship marketing, as well as the new “Storytelling” status quo the advertising world has touted.

The ability to incorporate humanity in all of our endeavors becomes more and more valuable by the day. Technology has shrunk the world and hyper-connected us, however we are now realizing the accompanying disconnection, more so then ever. The value of organic and authentic relationships, not to mention appreciation for everyone, is more evident then before.

Enter big data: Metrics, likes, retweets, and engagements. With out out these analytics, how will marketers know what’s effective, and what can be eliminated? It is essential indeed, and I do not advise any business to ignore these tools. However we must acknowledge the blow-back, we must consider the unplugged, and we must think about Moore’s Law. Big data is ultimately one massive and sophisticated algorithm yet to be solved. It will not teach us how to build solid foundations, create lasting relationships, how to be more empathic and understanding. It can not inspire, it will not motivate. So what are you going to invest in?

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